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If you have a question for us, we might have already answered it! take a look below - if we haven't then you can contact us here

How can i contact you?

You can use our Contact Us page to send us a message or you can call us on 01889 577800

Can i track my order?

Due to the nature of our bespoke production methods it is not always possible to to provide constant updates, if you would like to know where your order is in the production schedule feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form

Do you have a brochure

Our website is our brochure we don't currently have a material list of products, for the most up to date information this is the best place to be

How long does it take to get my order

This is a bit of a difficult question but the best figures we can give are that anything bespoke can take up to 8 weeks so please plan ahead and don't book a plumber too soon to avoid disappointment 

Where can i see your products?

We don't have any showroom locations right now, you can see all our products online, we are always adding new examples of ware as quickly as we can

How does delivery work?

Delivery for single items is handled by parcelforce and will be shipped in a box, larger orders are shipped by pallet for safety

Do you have technical information for all products?

All of our products have the technical drawings on the product page, if there is something you would like but you cant see feel free to call or fill our of contact form

Can i fit any of your products myself

We always recommend installation by a qualified plumber/ installer, this is so that you can be 100% sure your products are being treated with care and your bathroom will look its best

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