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Parallel Lines

For Designers

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Our team possesses the expertise and knowledge in seamlessly integrating all project requirements, enabling interior designers to materialize their creative visions while satisfying the needs of their customers. Let us collaborate with you to bring your design concepts to life with precision and ease.


Annabel's Nightclub

Oak Ceramics supplied ceramics and fixtures for the bathrooms in this elegant setting. the exclusive nightclubs vision was brought to life with the help of our skilled craftsmen and designers

This Paris hotel's bathrooms were hand made traditionally by our team and complement the bathrooms charm and aesthetic to achieve the best look possible for our client


The Ivy Resturant's

We have supplied Ivy restaurant's with bespoke bathroom wares, including the Ivy Asia restaurant's, helping them achieve the signature look and style and making them stand out

Bacchanalia London

Feast your eyes on the luxurious bathrooms at this exquisite restaurant located in the heart of London. Admire the opulence and stunning design that will leave you feeling inspired. Here at Oak Ceramics, we take pride in having produced the exact ceramic pieces that were required to bring this vision to life.

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